KoolMoves 10.2

Create animations and interactive content for web sites and mobile apps

KoolMoves lets you create your own animations for web pages. In this respect, it supports designing various types of objects, including banners, animated buttons, slideshows and even media players. The resulting animations can be saved in a variety of formats, mainly Flash and HTML5, as well as MP4, AVI, and GIF.

Probably due to its numerous features, the program is not easy to use. However, it is fair to acknowledge the efforts to make it accessible to a wider range of users. First, there are three interface modes: novice, intermediate and advanced, which you can choose according to your skills. Second, there is an interactive tutorial available. Likewise, you can let wizards guide you through the processes of creating banners, text effects, image effects, and slideshows. Not only that, there are also artwork libraries, which release you from having to do the drawing yourself. What is more, the tool comes with ready-made animations and scripts as well.

KoolMoves supports importing various types of files. These include SWF objects, Flash videos, bitmap images, vector graphics, 3D models and sounds. Moreover, you can create your own graphics from scratch. For this purpose, there is a complete set of drawing tools.

One of the main advantages of the program is that it supports keyframe animation, which means that it can morph the objects between two specific frames to create the illusion of movement. In addition, when the project becomes too big, it is possible to organize it in scenes. This way you can focus on just a part of it. While working, you can preview the results until the animation looks as expected. Then, you can export it in the desired format, which is, unfortunately, impossible if you are using its demo version.

In a nutshell, KoolMoves is certainly a product to consider if you intend to make your web pages more interactive and livelier by inserting animated objects. Once again, I must alert you that, unluckily, this is not the program for inexperienced users. You should also know that there is a very similar product by the same developer, called KoolShow, which is specifically intended for HTML5 animations and is sold a lower price.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various interface modes
  • Wizards for various processes
  • Extensive artwork library
  • Keyframe animation
  • Various output formats


  • Not suitable for beginners
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